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Oh, for the love of a simple boat that I am not afraid to put in the water. If you are afraid to put your boat in the water, perhaps “you have missed the boat”.


Painting by Francis Ann Hopkins …..


……1858 circa.


Introducing the “Courier Canoe, Kayak or Rowboat Kits”, the most economical kits.


Caramel  Courier Canoe Kit


The above “Courier Canoe Kit” was provided to build Barbara Pamp’s  Wee Lassie below. It included our Cherry pre- scarfed gunnels as well as our “Fineline” highlight strip package as can be seen in the photo above. This highlight package includes 12 pcs. 1/4″ x 3/8″ x 8′ Yellow Cedar strips & 8 pcs. 1/4″ x 3/8″ x 8′ Dark Red Cedar strips. If you are building a lighter coloured  hull we will reverse the proportions accordingly. This mini bundle is available for $64.00 CDN. As you can see below a most elegant and striking custom design was created by Barbara. An 11′ canoe from a 8′ box! It really is  mesmerizing and surprises us every time we look at it.


Barb's Lassie


Add to all this our pre- scarfed, full roundover, scuppered gunwales, converging grain decks, as well as matching stem strips and you will easily build a most spectacular canoe. Build in the spirit of the Birch Bark canoe builders, pragmatically sourcing shorter readily available high quality materials. These sewn-scarfed birch bark (paper) canoes which we so admire became the canoes which the “Courier” De Bois depended upon.


Satin -2 Gunwales, decks & stem strips


The “Courier Kayak Kit” is a kit with cedar  sourced in a more environmentally friendly way. It is the most economical kit as it uses high grade shorter length strips to build a beautiful kayak.  Building with full length strips is not necessarily  the best way or only way!   All traditional boat builders learned the art of joining wood was a necessity and not difficult to do!  It is shipped by courier direct to your door without the high bond, brokerage and shipping fees associated with full length strips.


Wimborne1 copy Cape Anne Expedition


The above Cape Anne Expedition kayak was built by Tim Winborne in Australia. Built with Western Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar from a “Courier Kayak Kit”, it is testament to the quality of the strips and colour we provide. A well proven design by One Ocean Kayaks and simply elegant. Nice work Tim, what more can we say?

Our “Courier Kayak Kits” utilize 6′ to 8’4″ strips bundled in 10 & 20 strip bundles. All strips in each bundle are the same length and we ship bundles  in increasing lengths of 6″  ie: 6′ , 6′ 6″, 7′, 7’6″ up to 8’4″ This facilitates maximum coverage with minimal wastage helping to assure maximum dispersion of any butted strips so as to stagger the joins throughout the hull. These strip bundles have  clean cut ends and will butt together flawlessly and due to their inherent colour matching, will hardly be noticeable at all. In fact anyone noticing them will be impressed.

These Courier Cedar strips are available in Red & Yellow Cedar ( maximum 1/3 Yellow Cedar) at 45 cents/ft. CDN  when purchased as a complete “Courier Kayak Kit”.

Courier Kit stock strip sizes are : 1/4″ x 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, & 3/4″


Order your “Courier Canoe, Kayak or Rowboat  Kit” today and have your kit shipped direct to your door by UPS without delay.


No delay

Descent of Fraser River-1808 from a color drawing by C.W. Jefferys.


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