The “Balsam Box”



The big issue that many strip manufactures forget or ignore is safe robust packaging with as low an environmental footprint as possible. We take this issue very seriously as the amount of plastic tape coating cardboard deposited in the landfills worldwide is simply staggering to the imagination. So we have opted to provide the “Balsam Box” completely free of plastic and recycled cardboard which now is almost 50% Formaldehyde glue and neuro toxic when burned. These shipping crates soft on the eyes are a real treat to utilize as a strong back with slight modifications if any at all. The real treat for us is that we actually get to have fun building some thing that actually looks good after milling miles of strips.

Bundle -prep

Once your order is finalized and in our system we pull the bundles of 20 color matched strips and tape them together on our packaging jigs assuring that they are taped together straight and true guaranteeing no stress on the coves. Cushioning material has been omitted here for clarity.

Coves UP!

Your bundles as a unit are then placed onto the waiting 1/2 box-crate already pre assembled straight and true, perfectly square. Note how all the coves are placed upright waiting for cushioning packaging which will not shift or roll about as in a poorly loaded tube. The real beauty as well is that no bundles are stressed by flexing the package as it is slid into the tube where all too often compromises are made with cushioning materials as it is slid in also due to the length of the box. Here every thing is top loaded keeping every thing pristine.

Batten Down

Battening down the hatches.

If other components such as gunnels, stem strips or “Spine -Align” are included they are loaded (underneath or above )  in such a way so that there is no pressure on the coves. Ample balls of softly crumpled newsprint are placed on top before the remaining top 1/2 crate is glued and fastened in place. These crates have been designed and sized to provide snug packaging without any thing rattling about with only minimal amounts of cardboard required to cushion against the wall of the crate. They easily contain enough strips to build the largest rowboat.

Square Box There is no point in building a box if you cannot build it square.

After your complete order is loaded end caps are applied and fastened with screws so you only have to unscrew the end cap and slide your order out to get started. The end cap is also set in so as not to get caught on any thing as it is being shipped. Robust fibre tape is also placed on the end to eliminate any potential stress on the end caps during shipment.


There is something unique in building these crates, seeming old fashioned when shipping crates were really crates rather than the quick fix card board packaging of today. Not only do we manufacture the components for boats, but we also manufacture the shipping boxes rather than purchasing volumes of cardboard and tape. In the end after numerous boats hopefully being built on these boxes you can even burn them being 100% carbon neutral but perhaps you may wish to hold onto the end caps and hang them beside your boat on the garage wall.