About TotemStrips



We consider ourselves very fortunate to be living in British Columbia and even more so living on Vancouver Island. Being here allows us to find our Cedar direct from the source. We work with small independent sawmill owners who have access to high quality logs. For environmental reasons we also utilize the choice logs we occasionally find by beach combing. Sourcing our western red cedar “Mahogany of the West” in this manner may be a more labour intensive practice but it ensures quality and  is a great excuse to get outdoors.

We have been milling cedar strips as well as complex Architectural mouldings with moulder technology for over twenty five years. By owning our own machinery, as well as designing and creating our own tooling, and not sub contracting out the work to others, we maintain quality standards second to none in our product line. We are pleased to be working under licence with Classic Boat Kits.

It is our belief that by offering the most diverse product line in sizing of strips we utilize our lumber more efficiently in effect doing more with less wood, and this will help to reduce “our” collective demand on this dwindling resource. Our hope is to be part of the solution in helping to preserve these resources rather than an unchecked participant of its rapid disappearance from our forests. For this reason we offer our products in two different length categories ” Courier Cedar Strips” and “Totem Cedar Strip” to more effectively utilize this dwindling resource.




Great news in the recent announcement by the BC government of an agreement reached between First Nations, logging companies and the government regarding  the preservation of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. After twenty years of negotiation the government & logging companies have finally seen the light to preserve 85% of the Great Bear Rain forest with it’s remaining 15% under severe restrictions and supervision by First Nations overseeing logging companies. This is a good first step and hopefully will start to change our forestry practices. We must promote more value added products in Canada instead of exporting our raw logs depleting the resources faster and causing more environmental damage.


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